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Welcome to HigherEd for All’s Commerce Career Selector, the perfect tool to help you discover your ideal career path in commerce. Whether you’re an 11th or 12th-grade student or pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) degree, our assessment can help you decide about your future career.

With so many career options in commerce, it can take a lot of work to determine which path to take. Fortunately, our assessment can help you find your perfect fit based on your interests, skills, and career aspirations. Each assessment costs Rs.1999/-, which includes a counselling session with our experienced career advisors. We also offer packages for multiple tests and sessions to provide more comprehensive guidance.


Our assessment uses a combination of questions and exercises to help identify your unique strengths and interests. We analyze your responses to determine which career would be a good match for you. Our tool considers the latest industry trends and job market demands to provide you with up-to-date information about the careers that may be suitable for you.

Our assessment is designed to help you explore your options in accounting, finance, marketing, or any other commerce-related field. It can also help you make an informed decision about your future career. By taking our assessment, you’ll better understand your skills and interests, which will help you identify the right career path for you.


Our team of experienced career advisors is always here to provide guidance and support. They’ll help you interpret your assessment results and provide personalized advice on achieving your career goals. We’re committed to helping you find your dream career and providing the tools you need to succeed.

Hence, if you’re looking for guidance on your future career in commerce, look no further than HigherEd for All’s Commerce Career Selector. Our assessment is the perfect tool to help you find your ideal career path based on your unique interests, skills, and career aspirations. With our experienced career advisors and affordable packages, we’re here to support you every step of the way. So, take the first step towards your dream career today with our assessment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our assessment uses a combination of multiple-choice questions and exercises designed to identify your strengths, interests, and career aspirations.

The Commerce Career Selector assessment takes 40-60 minutes to complete. It is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward, with questions tailored to your interests and career aspirations.

No, the Commerce Career Selector assessment is designed to help you discover your ideal career path in commerce based on your interests, skills, and career aspirations. It is a tool to assist you in making an informed decision about your future career. Ultimately, job opportunities and success depend on various factors such as education, experience, and personal drive.

Moti Joseph
M.A, M.Phil
Mr. Moti Joseph, the pioneer of HigherEd For All, is adroit in Language, Literature, Interpersonal & Communication Skills, Educational Technology, and Career Counselling. In addition to his M.Phil in English, Certified Education Counselor, and Psychometric Professional certification, he is committed to enriching career motivation and professional success among aspirants through HigherEd for All.
Dr.Nibedita Paul
M.A, Ph.D
Dr.Nibedita Paul, a Ph.D. holder from the Central University of Gujarat, has 5 years of teaching experience and is currently the Assistant Professor of English at Techno India University in Kolkata. Her teaching span covers Literature, Language, Communications, and Career Advancement Skills. As an academician, she is an exceedingly enlightening personality who will guide our aspirants on the right track of motivation and knowledge.
Krishna P V
Krishna P V, with her keen interest in English Literature and Teaching, is an MA graduate from Bangalore University and has qualified for UGC NET in English Literature. She is currently working as a faculty at multiple Online Platforms. Her experience of 3 years spans coaching students in offline and online mediums of instruction in Literary, Critical, and Language Acquisition Programmes. She has taken up the role of a counselor at HigherEd For All, aiming to change the traditional perceptions of making educational and career decisions.
Dr.V.L Jaya Paul
M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D
Dr.V. L. Jaya Paul is an enthusiastic Professor, exuberant Researcher, and an impetus trainer of English Language and Soft Skills. With an experience of over 20-plus years of teaching, he specializes in training ESL learners through Psycho-physio therapeutic training strategies. He is a muse to research scholars and a proficient Student-Centric Motivational Speaker. He has helped thousands of students achieve their career goals through structured educational guidance.
Ajin Thomas
M.A, B.Ed

Mr. Ajin Thomas, with 4+ years experience in teaching, is a B.Ed holder with a postgraduate degree in English and Comparative Literature and a PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication. Having qualified for competitive exams, Mr. Ajin Thomas imparts qualitative supervision to the learners at HigherEd For All.

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