Factors that influence the student in choosing a stream after class 10th.

by Anshika Verma | Jan 25, 2023
Factors that influence the student in choosing a stream after class 10th.

You have always known Aviral as a bright student. He was filled with compassion and could heal almost any forcibly tethered soul. You had seen him dissecting the dead to understand the anatomy. You felt proud of your to-be vet friend. Yet, when you meet him three years after your 10th board exams, you are shocked that Aviral is interning at an automobile firm.

“WHY are you not studying medicine? WHAT made you take up engineering? HOW did you go from dissecting bodies to opening machines?” You want Aviral to answer these questions. Student life shapes many Avirals. Students have an aptitude and liking for a particular stream but choose something else. Let’s find out the factors that influence a student in choosing a stream after class 10th.

1.Parental Pressure

Your parents only see you have a respectable and secure career in medicine and science. They are unaware of the newly emerging fields of your interest. Instead, they don’t have enough faith in anything outside their knowledge. They push you twice. Once in taking up the course and secondly, in excelling at it.” The stream has scope, rising demands, high pay, and respect”, you are bombarded with these statements. Parental pressure is a reason for many to have mediocre careers.

2.Friends Forever

You can’t see your best friend sitting with somebody else in a different class for two years in school. You always have to be together and “twin”. You ended up taking a stream your best friend took. Level up your game, and choose what interests you. You have already made friends, but your career is yet to be made.

3.Monetary Issues

Miserably, not everybody who dreams of being a pilot becomes one. Some courses have hefty costs associated with them. Money becomes a piteous barrier. The financial condition of students doesn’t allow them to chase their dreams.

4.Lack of Resources

There may be cases when the stream or course to pursue is unavailable in the city. Or the place might have no proper infrastructure for the sport to be practised. The unavailability of skilled instructors might be a reason to shift the stream.

5.Improper Guidance

Sometimes, neither the student nor the guardians have proper guidance on the way ahead. And there are times when the students’ skills are not discovered, and a random decision to choose a stream is made. If you need to identify your skill set, and your strong and weak areas, take a skill test. The test will generate a report based on your responses to help identify your strong areas.

6.Role Model

You saw your favourite designer pursue law, followed by a degree in media and a master’s in design. Not necessarily the same path is going to lead you to success. Build your path.

Many students take the wrong stream affecting their career choices and professional life in the long run. A good base always supports a strong empire. The choice to choose a stream should be YOUR OWN PRACTICAL CHOICE, heedfully keeping other factors in mind.

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Moti Joseph
M.A, M.Phil
Mr. Moti Joseph, the pioneer of HigherEd For All, is adroit in Language, Literature, Interpersonal & Communication Skills, Educational Technology, and Career Counselling. In addition to his M.Phil in English, Certified Education Counselor, and Psychometric Professional certification, he is committed to enriching career motivation and professional success among aspirants through HigherEd for All.
Dr.Nibedita Paul
M.A, Ph.D
Dr.Nibedita Paul, a Ph.D. holder from the Central University of Gujarat, has 5 years of teaching experience and is currently the Assistant Professor of English at Techno India University in Kolkata. Her teaching span covers Literature, Language, Communications, and Career Advancement Skills. As an academician, she is an exceedingly enlightening personality who will guide our aspirants on the right track of motivation and knowledge.
Krishna P V
Krishna P V, with her keen interest in English Literature and Teaching, is an MA graduate from Bangalore University and has qualified for UGC NET in English Literature. She is currently working as a faculty at multiple Online Platforms. Her experience of 3 years spans coaching students in offline and online mediums of instruction in Literary, Critical, and Language Acquisition Programmes. She has taken up the role of a counselor at HigherEd For All, aiming to change the traditional perceptions of making educational and career decisions.
Dr.V.L Jaya Paul
M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D
Dr.V. L. Jaya Paul is an enthusiastic Professor, exuberant Researcher, and an impetus trainer of English Language and Soft Skills. With an experience of over 20-plus years of teaching, he specializes in training ESL learners through Psycho-physio therapeutic training strategies. He is a muse to research scholars and a proficient Student-Centric Motivational Speaker. He has helped thousands of students achieve their career goals through structured educational guidance.
Ajin Thomas
M.A, B.Ed

Mr. Ajin Thomas, with 4+ years experience in teaching, is a B.Ed holder with a postgraduate degree in English and Comparative Literature and a PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication. Having qualified for competitive exams, Mr. Ajin Thomas imparts qualitative supervision to the learners at HigherEd For All.

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