As one of the most comprehensive digital platforms of its kind, HigherEd for All helps students, educators, and professionals from all walks of life to connect, improve their education and career prospects.

It is our mission to help students from all walks of life from all over the globe find the tools they need to reach their educational and career goals through HigherEd for All.

HigherEd for All aims at assisting students to make the right choice regarding their careers, plans of education, stream selection, and even selection of universities or colleges based upon their liking and interests.

As a student, it can be overwhelming not to know what you want to do in the future, which, combined with the additional stress of studying and getting good grades, can be taxing. HigherEd for All’s educational counseling helps you figure out your academic goals, strengths, and weaknesses, find out what interests you and how you can pursue them, find colleges and universities that suit your budget, and in aiding to form a career plan.

At HigherEd for All, we provide a wide range of assessment options that cater to all kinds of students and working professionals—making navigating easier and finding the proper assessment that suits your need.

We are a group of educators from different sectors that face students daily and help them at different stages of their careers. With a collective experience of more than 100 years, our education counselors can guide you in systematically pursuing the right career.

Meet our team of experts in Education and Career Counselling
Ajin Thomas

M.A, B.Ed

Damian Patric

M.A, M.Ed

Jabneel Praveen

M.A, M.Phil

meet our team of experts
Santhosh Kumar

M.A, M.Phil

meet our team of experts
Amrita Gangadharan

M.A, B.Ed

meet our team of experts
Sruthi Suresh Kumar

M.A, B.Ed

Moti Joseph
M.A, M.Phil
Mr. Moti Joseph, the pioneer of HigherEd For All, is adroit in Language, Literature, Interpersonal & Communication Skills, Educational Technology, and Career Counselling. In addition to his M.Phil in English, Certified Education Counselor, and Psychometric Professional certification, he is committed to enriching career motivation and professional success among aspirants through HigherEd for All.
Dr.Nibedita Paul
M.A, Ph.D
Dr.Nibedita Paul, a Ph.D. holder from the Central University of Gujarat, has 5 years of teaching experience and is currently the Assistant Professor of English at Techno India University in Kolkata. Her teaching span covers Literature, Language, Communications, and Career Advancement Skills. As an academician, she is an exceedingly enlightening personality who will guide our aspirants on the right track of motivation and knowledge.
Krishna P V
Krishna P V, with her keen interest in English Literature and Teaching, is an MA graduate from Bangalore University and has qualified for UGC NET in English Literature. She is currently working as a faculty at multiple Online Platforms. Her experience of 3 years spans coaching students in offline and online mediums of instruction in Literary, Critical, and Language Acquisition Programmes. She has taken up the role of a counselor at HigherEd For All, aiming to change the traditional perceptions of making educational and career decisions.
Dr.V.L Jaya Paul
M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D
Dr.V. L. Jaya Paul is an enthusiastic Professor, exuberant Researcher, and an impetus trainer of English Language and Soft Skills. With an experience of over 20-plus years of teaching, he specializes in training ESL learners through Psycho-physio therapeutic training strategies. He is a muse to research scholars and a proficient Student-Centric Motivational Speaker. He has helped thousands of students achieve their career goals through structured educational guidance.
Ajin Thomas
M.A, B.Ed

Mr. Ajin Thomas, with 4+ years experience in teaching, is a B.Ed holder with a postgraduate degree in English and Comparative Literature and a PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication. Having qualified for competitive exams, Mr. Ajin Thomas imparts qualitative supervision to the learners at HigherEd For All.

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